Although our governments are easing the restrictions, we still have to keep our hands up against Covid-19.


Before signing up, please read the safety plans we submitted to the Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre to reserve their facilities.

Understand the rules and train safe!


We know it's long but it's important for you to read it for everyone's safety. Osu!

The following safety rules were created on June 10 based on the Provincial Health Order that BC Health Ministry announced on May 26, 2021. They are also in line with the safety measures of the Loon Lake Centre. Some of the rules might be modified later as the provincial government is scheduled to update the PHO on July 1st.

1. What to bring

  • Face masks to all participants

  • A hand sanitizer to all participants

2. Before coming to Loon Lake and Check in

  • All participants must fill out and submit an online Covid-19 self-assessment form on August 5. A sample form at

  • The organizer will fill out a Covid-19 check list and forward it to Loon Lake on August 6.

  • All participants must fill out an online Covid-19 self-assement form on August 13 before they leave for Loon Lake.

  • Parents who drive their teenage children to the event site are not allowed to come into the buildings without wearing a face mask. They are required to leave the camp site promptly after drop-off to avoid close-contact with other participants.

3. Arrival Times and Check-in

  • All participants are expected to arrive at the designated times below to check-in in an orderly way.

  • The organizer: Between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm

  • Instructors: Between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm

  • Students: Between 3:15 pm and 3:45 pm

  • If the organizer sees that someone has come with symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose that are not due to allergies or underlying health conditions they will be sent home immediately.


4. Morning Training on the Deck

  • No mask required.

  • 2 meters physical distancing is required.

  • All instructors need to arrive at the Deck at 6:40 am. They must wash their hands thoroughly before entering the Deck.

  • All students need to arrive at the Deck at 6:50 am. Instructors have hand sanitizer to help students wash their hands before they walk on the Deck.

5. In the Gym

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • 2.5 meters physical distancing is required.

  • All instructors need to arrive in the Gym 20 minutes before a training seminar begins and to wash their hands thoroughly before entering the Gym.

  • All students need to arrive in the Gym 10 minutes before a session begins. Instructors have hand sanitizer to help students wash their hands before they walk into the Gym.

  • When the seminar is started, instructors and students are required to take their position at a designated spot which is marked on the ground by plastic exercise corns. The marks are placed 2.5 meters apart.

  • Each student is required to stay at the same spot throughout the seminar unless instructors ask them to move to a certain spot so that students can practice Kata (a set of techniques that requires a student to move in a certain walking path).

  • Participants must wash their hands with hand sanitizer after using training equipment with their partner.

  • Contact training is not allowed, including correction of body position by instructors, sparring and hand-shaking.

6. In the Room

  • Each room is assigned to have 2-4 participants.

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • 2 meters physical distancing is required unless they are from the same household. The room is large enough for the number of people to practice the physical distancing.

  • Open the windows for frequent ventilation.

  • Do not share foods, drinks, or personal items.

7. In the Dining Hall

  • Masks are mandatory except for when dining.

  • All participants must maintain the 2 meters distance.

  • All participants are required to wash their hands after entering the building.

  • As only six people are allowed to sit per table, all participants are requited to take a designated seat when dining and to not visit other tables.

8. In the Washroom

  • Masks are mandatory.

  • 2 meters physical distancing is required.

  • Participants must wash their hands after using the washroom.

9. If a Participant Develops Symptoms

  • If a participant develops symptoms, they will be separated from others in a designated area near the exit door of the Gym.

  • The instructor team will provide them with tissues to cover their coughs, phone family members to immediately pick the student up, and remain 2.5 meters distant at all times until their family member comes to pick them up.

  • The rest of the camp itinerary will be suspended immediately and all participants will be required to go back to their room.

  • The organizer will report to the Loon Lake staff for their advice.

  • At any time, the instructor team may call 811 if they think it’s necessary, to notify a potential case and seek further input from the authority.

10. Check-out and After the Event

  • Participants are encouraged to use hand sanitizer as they leave Loon Lake.

  • Participants are encouraged to leave Loon Lake without unnecessary delay.

  • Parents are required to meet their child in front of the Student Centre for pick-up.

  • Participants or their parents are required to notify the organizer by email or phone if they or their child(ren) have developed cold, flu, or COVID-19-like symptoms* that is not related to a pre-existing illness or health condition, or have tested positive for Covid-19. The organizer will then notify all participants of the case and follow the self-isolation procedures according to the guidance provided by the BC Ministry of Health. Source Link:

    *Symptoms include: Fever, chills, cough or worsening of chronic cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of smell or taste, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, muscle aches.


If you are under 19, have your parent or guardian take care of the registration. Osu!

Online Registration Forms
The camp is full. Registration closed on July 17.


Registration Deadline and Cancellation Policy

  1. Please register by July 17 for the early bird price.

  2. If there are some spots left after July 17, the registration will be open until July 24.

  3. Please be advised the last day to cancel with a full refund is July 31, 2021. Loon Lake Resort requires two weeks to purchase food and hire staff to accommodate this event.

  4. All cancellations after July 31, 2021, will result in a 50% refund on registration fees. We hope that sounds fair to you. Please contact us if you have to cancel your registration.