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Osu everyone!

Welcome to Seiyu Karate virtual classes "Train Online"!


We will be using Zoom, an online video conference service, to bring you our interactive Karate lessons. This will be a fun, encouraging, and engaging time for our students and instructors.


Before we get started, we need to remind students and guardians that participants will be on a live video training that may be recorded. Please read through the following guidelines so we can maintain a safe experience for all participants.

I look forward to training with everyone at distance! Osu!

Shihan Tats Nakamura


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I know it's a long list but it's important that you read it before signing up. You can find an answer here to most of the questions you may have. Osu!

  1. We will send you a link to join the Zoom class meeting. You will NOT need to set up a Zoom account or input any information except for student’s first name and last name initial. Please go to for more details about the system.

  2. Classes will be mainly focused on Kihon techniques. Please clear your training area before each class starts so you won’t accidentally kick furniture or a wall and injure yourself.

  3. Up to three students from a household can participate together in one session. If you are a parent participating with your child(ren) in a children’s online class, you don’t have to register yourself as you will be considered an assistant for your child(ren) rather than a student. Please just register your child(ren).

  4. If parents wish to participate with your child(ren) in a teens/adults online class, you must be a black belt who is capable of looking after your child(ren) while concentrating on your own training. Training with family members is great but with a limited space, there is more chance of accidents and/or injury.

  5. There is a small fee applied to cover the rent of the dojo space (so the instructors can yell and count loudly) and the Internet costs. The fee schedule for this online program is set to separate from the regular program fee for classes conducted at the dojo. Those students who have credits for canceled classes due to the pandemic will receive a refund when we reopen our dojos. The credits cannot be used to cover the cost of the online program.

  6. The meeting will be live and interactive. Please remember that everything within the camera viewing area will be visible to the instructor and other students.

  7. Please be aware that there may be online media that contain references, ads, or links to materials from third parties. Vancouver Seiyu Karate Inc. is not associated with those third parties.

  8. Sounds and voices can be captured by your device’s microphone and heard by others in the Zoom session.

  9. The live session through Zoom may be recorded and may contain audio and video interactions that include all participants.

  10. During live sessions, remember that other participants may hear and see anything within your audio and camera viewing areas. Please make all family members aware of this so they can avoid interruptions to the training session, and also avoid embarrassment to other family members.

  11. The online programs offered by Vancouver Seiyu Karate Inc are not designed to replace the standard Dojo curriculum and have no credit to belt exam opportunities. They are designed to keep students active in Karate, review basic techniques, and most importantly have fun.

  12. Please wear your dogi and maintain a respectful attitude to other participants. Keep in mind the dojo etiquettes you follow in your dojo class. We will also monitor the students and set virtual dojo expectations so that all participants will have a safe and fun training experience together!

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November and December Schedule



Class 1- Children All Dojos

Teens and Adults




Nov 3,10,17,24 Dec 1,8


5:15-5:45 pm

No Class available this month

This period will likely be the last online program we offer.

  • Once a week: $45



  • KL- Killarney

  • DT- Downtown

  • RM- Richmond

  • WH- White Belt

  • BR- Brown Belt

  • BL- Black Belt


You will receive a full refund if a class is canceled. However, no refunds will be given if you missed a class or were unable to connect a class due to a technical glitch on your side. Please check and test your device, camera, microphone, and internet connection before a class begins.

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Select one of the forms below based on your age and the class you plan to attend. All classes are open to the Seiyu Karate members only.


Students 13-18: No programs available this month

Students 19 and over: No programs available this month