Here is our line-up of the camp instructors! They are ready to inspire you during the summer camp, by providing unique approach to each aspect of Karate.

(in an order of confirmation to participate)

Shihan Tats began training Kyokushin Karate in 1983 under the instruction provided by his uncle, Shihan Makoto Nakamura. In 1992, he moved to Vancouver from Japan and immediately opened his first dojo in Canada. While he operated the dojo, He extensively fought in international tournaments including two World Tournaments. Shihan Tats currently teaches regular classes locally at Vancouver Seiyu dojos, and frequently makes an international trip to hold a seminar to help expand IKO Nakamura worldwide.


Despite the fact that he lives a busy life style working for the fire department as a Captain and Acting Battalion Chief for Vancouver Fire Rescue Services, Sensei Curtis Mason always manages to keep in shape and to inspire our young students by showing things like an impressive 150 burpees in seven minutes. The Sandan black belt participated in numerous local and international tournaments as a fighter and a referee. Sensei Curtis looks forward to passing on his techniques and wisdom nurtured over three decades in Seiyu Karate.


The head instructor of the Calgary Dojo is joining the summer camp! When he joined our club in 1999, Sempai Michi Nagase began pursuing two goals. One was to establish himself as a professional airline pilot and the other one being to fight in the world tournament. The 10-year road trip to reach them was rather a rough ride but this uncompromising fighter persevered. The participants will be treated to his excellent instruction and be exposed to his passion and spirit in Seiyu Karate.


During his fighting career Sempai Kris participated in over 25 tournaments culminating in being selected to compete in the 10th World Tournament in 2011. Outside of the dojo, Sempai Kris works as a Paramedic in a clinical leadership role and as an instructor at the Justice Institute of BC in their Advanced Paramedic Program. He enjoys passing on some of the knowledge under Shihan Tats and with many high level competitors that Seiyu Karate has produced over the years. 


Sempai Mark has trained in Karate for nearly 20 years. He competed internationally and placed 1st in North American Championships three times. He was selected to represent Canada in 2011 & 2015 World Tournament, 2013 World Weight Category Tournament.  Sempai Mark taught Seiyu fighters in Fight class for 6 years. He currently teaches the adult Richmond Dojo class with Sempai Kris. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and training with the camp participants.


Born and raised in France, Sempai Cedric did multiple martial arts before starting Kyokushin in 2008. After moving to Montreal, he got his Shodan in 2013 then moved to Vancouver to start training with Shihan Tats. For a half a year, he had the chance to train in Japan with Sensei Sugiyama and also meet and train with famous Japanese fighters. Now, he is back for good in Vancouver. Sempai Cedric is prepared to introduce the camp participants, the skill set he gained from these international cities


Sempai Keegan has over 15 years of karate training and has competed in kata both regionally and internationally over his tournament years – placing in each event. He currently sits as Director for The Vancouver Cup Championships and is Chairman of Seiyu’s Kata Officiating Committee. Sempai Keegan teaches classes at our Killarney Dojo and passes his knowledge to our Kohais. This Kata specialist ensures the camp participants will have deeper understanding of the Art.


Senpai Sasha has been training in karate since he was only 6 years old. Since then, he has competed for over 18 years in competitive kumite ranging from local, national and international level. When he was 19 years old, he was able to train under sosui nakamura as an uchi deshi (home school student) for almost 4 months. That event changed Sasha’s life and since then he has devoted himself to the martial way. Having placed top 8 two years in a row in the world tournament, Sasha is eager to instill good values and hard training to all students. Currently running the New West Dojo branch, Senpai Sasha is excited to teach some of his many skills to summer camp participants. 


Sempai Isabelle Guitard began training Kyokushin Karate in Montreal 1991 and competed in numerous National and North American tournaments. She was the North American Women's Lightweight Champion in 2011 where she secured her spot on the Canadian Team to compete in the 1st Woman's Open World Kyokushin Tournament in Tokyo 2011. She has many years experience in coaching and instruction in Montreal and moved to Vancouver late 2011 where she has joined Seiyu Karate. She has been working as a senior business analyst for First Nations Health Authority since moving here. She will be bringing her unique knowledge to students here in Vancouver.