2020 Calendar of Events

The list only shows training seminars, a summer camp, and tournaments. For other events like belt exams, check out our dojo website.


Upcoming Events


OSU! Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we are going to hold a bunch of exciting events that will definitely improve your techniques, broaden your mind, and empower your spirit.

And most importantly, we will come together to strengthen the bonds among all participants as one big karate family.

Get info of all seminars, tournaments, and the summer camp from this site, and Get Ready! Osu!


Kata Committee:

Sempai Keegan / Melchor / Erwin / Arjun

Kumite Committee:

Sempai Kris / Sempai Mark

Summer Camp Committee:

Sensei Curtis / Sempai Shella / Sempai Sasha / Jerry

Seiyu Karate Director:

Shihan Tats